Meet Jonny Sonbol

The New Face of
Men's Fine Watches

He's a ball of energy. He's a businessman.
He's an innovator. He's an inventor.
He's Jonny Sonbol, mastermind
& maker of Sonbol Watches.
If Father Time has a creative, fearless son, his name must be Jonny Sonbol. Jonny is the visionary founder of California-based Sonbol Watches, the brilliant new brand of fine men's watches that's already changing the face of the industry (literally).

A true mastermind of time, Jonny has a near-obsessive knowledge of the inner workings of watches. He's admired, studied and dissected timepieces since childhood, learning the intricacies of their mechanisms, as well as the allure of their artful styles. With adept skill and an innate sense of fashion, Jonny has spent much time throughout his life collecting and perfecting timepieces. All the while, he was inadvertently honing his expertise and carving a future path for his passion.

Like so many, Jonny spent the first chapters of his professional life in a field vastly different from his core passion. Property management was a far cry from watchmaking, but Jonny, tapping into his instinctive commitment to live "the other side of boring," made the most of his opportunities, enjoyed success and advanced his talents for business.

Yet he could never deny the gentle tick-tock of the watch. For years, he dreamed, schemed, devised and designed. By 2008, he launched Sonbol Watches.

Sonbol Watches is the fruition of Jonny's lifelong love affair with timepieces and an expression of his adventurous, bold design sensibilities. That aforementioned commitment to living "this side of boring"? Just look to Sonbol's inventive collections for proof that Jonny's always thinking big; there's nothing expected or typical about Sonbol watches. 44mm and 54mm faces, daring colors, meticulous detailing. Likewise, he's searched out superior inner workings to ensure perfection of timekeeping. Every model is a imaginative surprise and a trustworthy performer—much like Jonny himself.

"Time itself is an invention... and we try to contain it in watches we wear on our wrists," Jonny muses. "It's my passion to bring unique colors, shapes, sizes—and ideas—to these magnificent machines. It's how I love to spend my time!"